Winter Sojourn at Fort Clark among the Mandans and Hidatsas

Present condition of the fort – Peace between Yanktonais, Mandans, and Hidatsas – Number of rats – Cholera – Illnesses among the Indians – Their superstitions – Visit with Síh-Chidä – His drawings – Excursions to the elds of the Mandans – Description of Mih-Tutta-Hangkusch – Prince Paul of Württemberg – Bijou – Mammals in the area of Fort Clark – The river freezes stops – Old Bear with gray-colored hair – Five-day trip to the Hidatsas – Their big medicine festival – Medicine dances of the women – Visit in the forest village of the Mandans, festivities at the sale of the rights of one band to another – Wolf hunts – Indian sled, travel on the ice – Canis latransLepus variabilisMustela erminea and vulgaris americanaBombycilla garrula? – Visit by the Yanktonais – Lack of meat and tallow for candles – Buffalo hunt of the Mandans – We receive meat and tallow – Arrival of a few men from St. Louis – Mr. Bodmer’s presence in the Mandan village – Medicine band of Ruhptare in the fort – Dance of the women of the band of White Buffalo Cow – Arrival of the mail from Fort Union – Lack of meat – Messengers sent to the Yanktonais to get some meat.

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