November 12, 1833

12 November: In the morning, nice, clear weather, hoarfrost and freezing. At seven thirty, calm weather, 31°F [−0.6°C]; later, very warm sun. Péhriska-Rúhpa visited us, as well as Mandans and [other] Hidatsas. Bodmer looked for a viewpoint from which [he could] draw the Indian villages. At twelve o'clock noon,47°F [8.3°C]. Wind south hora 4 west. The hunters returned and had shot two bison bulls and a cow.

In the afternoon three Mandan [tipis] returned from bird hunting. This hunt will be described later. They catch several kinds of birds of prey [from] a covered hole [baited with] a piece of meat; [they] prefer [to catch] eagles and eagle owls the most. These Indians had been absent about one month but caught only one eagle. All birds of prey have great value for Indians. [Today] I also saw an Indian dragging a skinny dead dog on a strap, probably used to catch or shoot fox[es] or wolves.

Tuesday, November 12, 1833
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Roz Parr
Daniel Bost