November 22, 1833

22 November: In the morning, overcast, very raw; cold, strong wind, suggesting snow. At seven thirty, 22°F ⟨[−5.6°C]⟩. Wind north hora 11 west. Bull’s Neck came early and indicated ⟨[that]⟩ he had shot a white wolf in the night. However, the rats had eaten a hole in its side. He offered the animal to me, and I told him that he should bring the wolf, which was not big, as it turned out afterward.

Our room having been completed, we moved in, ⟨[although]⟩ in some places the walls were still wet. It heated quite well; it appeared, however, ⟨[to be]⟩ very smoky when the wind blew from a certain direction. We had very clear windows made of glass, ⟨[providing]⟩ excellent light to draw or to write, ⟨[and there were]⟩ two small tables of cottonwood and a few small benches to sit on. The three beds were plank beds attached to the walls and framed with a rim; the door could be locked. From the room, stairs led to a small attic. The floor⟨[?]⟩ was ⟨[of]⟩ boards. Our chimney smoked ⟨[heavily]⟩; this was the only problem with the room.

At twelve o’clock, 25°F ⟨[−3.9°C]⟩, strong wind, raw with light flurries from north hora 11 west. In the afternoon it turned into a snowstorm with high winds. We had already set up our room and were working in it. Síh-Sä had very severe stomach pains and diarrhea today. Mr. Kipp gave him a strong dose of castor oil. These complaints about the lower abdomen were now very common. Several Indians came; however, we did not let them into our room.

Friday, November 22, 1833
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