October 23, 1832

23 October: At eight o’clock, temperature of 4 1/2°R [42. 1°F, 5.6°C]. There was frost during the night. The day was pleasant but still somewhat cool. Dreidoppel went out in midmorning and shot a Loxia cardinalis; a Parus bicolor and an atricapillus; a Picus carolinus, a varius, and a pubescens, as well as several other birds. He shot unsuccessfully at parakeets (Psitt. carolinensis).

Mr. Bodmer had gone out with Mr. Hall and had sketched a view of Harmony. In the afternoon he went on horseback with Mr. Owen to look for an interesting forest scene but found nothing he considered desirable. In the afternoon Mr. Say and I went to visit Mr. Lesueur, who showed us his sketches of the West Indian islands and North America until evening.

Tuesday, October 23, 1832
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Adam Sundberg