August 19, 1832

19 August: Sunday. In the morning, an osprey (Falco haliaëtus Linn.) was brought in. A young bird from this summer, it had been winged along the Lecha. The sky densely overcast; it rains intermittently. At twelve o’clock noon, the thermometer registers a temperature of [——] in the shade and in the open air. Last evening I received word from Mr. Krumbhaar Gebhard that my baggage had left New York for Philadelphia. The reports from New York and Philadelphia regarding cholera are gradually improving. From Nazareth, Pastor Seidel procured for me yesterday the nest of the Trochilus colubris, with the bird and two flying squirrels (Pteromys), one of which immediately escaped from us during the night. Mr. Bodmer, who went out to sketch, was driven home by heavy rain. He brought home a live [garter] snake (Coluber sirtalis), the adder with three stripes that lives near houses. I had already received three of them, always from the same place.

Sunday, August 19, 1832
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Ben Budesheim