April 5, 1833

5 April: In the morning, overcast sky, slightly cloudy. At seven thirty, 8°R [50°F, 10°C]. The weather became very pleasant. I made purchases of various kinds and then went to the office of the American [Fur] Company, where I found Messrs. Chouteau and McKenzie. I deposited 2,500 dollars, for which I received a receipt and a letter of credit for the St. Peters [Minnesota] River. These gentlemen were very courteous, and Mr. Chouteau invited me to his house tomorrow evening at seven o’clock to acquaint us with his family.

At about noon Major Dougherty, Indian agent for the Pawnee, Otoe, and Omaha, visited us. He is going with us and promised to guide us to these nations in the coming spring if this should not be possible this fall. Catlin has not visited these nations; they are said to be the most interesting of all. The famous chief Petalesharo, as well as Lateléscha, is no longer alive. The former died of illness. Dougherty gave me a skunk hide. [Page 1:237]

At twelve o’clock noon, 12°R [59°F, 15°C]. After eating we went to the steamboat Yellow Stone and inspected it. It is only moderately large [and] has a very wide gallery on all sides on which one can take walks. Its boiler was now being repaired and other necessary preparations made. Afterward we bought several additional articles to trade with the Indians. We now have: 1. Calico (colorful fabric). 2. Knives of various kinds. 3. Brass bells. 4. Burning glasses. 5. Red dye (vermilion). 6. Red ribbons. 7. Colorful plumes. 8. Iron and chemical lighters. 9. Tobacco pipes. 10. Tobacco. 11. Yellow nails. 12. Quids. 13. Glass beads of various colors. Value about 24 dollars, 36 cents, or about 61 florins. Later I received a new case for natural history specimens, for which I had to pay 3 dollars (7 1/2 Rhenish florins). It was immediately packed and will leave with two trunks via New Orleans to [New] York, where it will be shipped off. The trunks will be left there. In the evening we worked and packed and finished writing letters.

Friday, April 5, 1833
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Adam Sundberg