October 7, 1832

[Page 1:109]7 October (Sunday): During the night, heavy rain. At seven forty-five, 12°R [59°F, 12°C]. In the afternoon I took a walk with Mr. Volz to a neighboring garden, where almost all present were Germans. They could be recognized immediately by their tobacco pipes. A certain Goulon from Kassel has leased this house. He pays 300 dollars rent for the house and the orchards. His associate is the former gardener Jung from Wilhelmshöhe, who was not financially successful here, however, since he had assumed an appreciation for the fine art of gardening among Americans. He wants to return to Europe. In the evening Dr. Saynisch and Mr. Bodmer returned; they had seen many interesting things. We made our preparations for departure. Mr. Volz visited us; I had earlier taken leave of Mr. von Bonnhorst.

Sunday, October 7, 1832
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Charlotte Spires
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