May 9, 1832

9 May: In the morning, examination of our passports.Departure at eight o'clock. Strong, unpleasant, and contrary wind all day. At five o'clock in the evening, arrival at Rotterdam. We took lodging at the Hôtel des Pays Bas on the Boompjes. Beautiful view of the city. Many large ships: a war brig; five or six American ships; the beautiful new Indiaman (Prince of Orange) owned by Mr. De Cock, which is to make its initial voyage into the Indies. We boarded it; saw it two years ago at Antwerp Nice equipment. Paintings of a ship. Eight cannon. Courteous captain, who shows us around. The Boompjes, a row of old linden and elm trees, in which several kinds of birds news: crows, starlings, wood pigeons. Even an oriole is singing. All of them live without timidity in the city. starlings are already feeding their young. The shipyard with two frigates and three war brigs. Five gunboats, each with one mast, two yards, a short bowsprit, and five cannon; the one in the stern is a thirty-six-pounder, the remaining four are eighteen-pounders. Van Speyk's boat was like these.

Figure 1.1

Six hundred men work on the docks. Royal barge green with gold ornaments. The royal steamboat, also green like the barge, with many golden figures and decorations. The Prince of Orange is expected today; therefore, one cannot view the interior. The barge has a hull that is white underneath with a black stripe above it; the long oars painted sky-blue with stars and dragons. Physical society with many instruments, models, and library; paintings of founders and presidents.

Became acquainted with Mr. Hoboken. He owns fourteen ships, is always building new ones. Sends out one every month. His own dock, where a large Indiaman, Princess Marianne, will soon be launched. His country home close to the city. Garden, greenhouses, pineapples, grapes, peaches, strawberries, melons already ripe. Various kinds of birds. Golden pheasants. View of the city and surrounding bodies of water from the veranda of the house.

Wednesday, May 9, 1832
Rotterdam, Netherlands
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