May 19, 1832

19 May:During the night we were becalmed. Morning very warm and nice, sea smooth as a mirror. In the west-southwest we now have at nine thirty a view of Calais.Figure 1.10 On the opposite side we can clearly discern Dover Castle with a telescope. A steamboat appears off Dover. There is no wind all day. Studding sails are set, yet the ship sails very slowly. At six in the evening we are about opposite the steep section of the French coast between Calais and Boulogne, which Mr. Bodmer sketches. Evening bright and beautiful but somewhat cool. We see neither marine animals nor marine plants, only a few birds. Some ships have set all their sails. Several steamships move past; we catch sight of their steam trail at a great distance. Today Mr. Bodmer felt well and finished several sketches. We communicate with an American brig.

Saturday, May 19, 1832
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