June 27, 1832

27 June: In the morning, dreary, overcast sky; during the night there had been some fog. Very brisk wind, a little better, but always unfavorable. Many indications of the nearby land: grass, Fucus, and other flat greenish objects, which we cannot distinguish clearly, floating more deeply in the sea. Several birds not seen before, also a Carbo. At eight o’clock, temperature of the air in the wind 9 10°R ⟨[54.5°F, 12.5°C]⟩, of the ocean water 8°R ⟨[50°F, 10°C]⟩. The lead is cast out and indicates about 60 fathoms of water. It brings up small black and white stones (gravel). We are now at the western end of Sable Island Bank and approximately 60 miles from the coast of Nova Scotia, which we will probably get to see today.

The various tacks that we made since yesterday morning afternoon (26 June) are the following: the first in northwest by west 1/2 west 35 miles; the second, south-southeast 1/2 east 18 miles; the third, west-northwest 55 miles.M17This (the last tack) was announced at eight o'clock in the morning; the ship, however, sailed in this direction from west-northwest until twelve o'clock, i.e. another sixteen miles, which are therefore to be added. Noon observation: latitude 43°29' north, longitude 63°40' west. Temperature of the air at twelve o’clock, 10 1/2°R ⟨[55.6°F, 13.1°C]⟩, of the water 7°R ⟨[47.8°F, 8.8°C]⟩. Soon after twelve o’clock, the lead is tossed out and indicates about 90 fathoms of water; muddy bottom. Wind southwest, very brisk, drives the sea powerfully against us; it splashes hard against the prow of the ship. Much Fucus. Single Procellaria, especially leachii.M18Not leachii but wilsonii Bon., Wilson's storm petrel.]⟩ At about six o’clock heavy fog sets in; it descends wet. The lead is cast out but does not touch bottom. At seven o’clock, temperature of the air 10°R ⟨[54.5°F, 12.5°C]⟩, of the water 7°R ⟨[47.8°F, 8.8°C]⟩. At eight o’clock the ship turns and now moves away from the coast. At nine o’clock, intermittent heavy rain. Fog and drizzle the whole dark night.

Wednesday, June 27, 1832
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