June 23, 1832

23 June: Wind west-southwest; ship’s course northwest by west. The weather is nice, the wind brisk, the sea somewhat against us; therefore, the ship does not sail swiftly. At eight o’clock, temperature of the air 9°R ⟨[52.3°F, 11.3°C]⟩, of the water 6°R ⟨[45.5°F, 7.5°C]⟩. They continue scraping the deck. Noon observation: latitude 43°29', longitude 54°40' west. Air temperature 11°R ⟨[56.8°F, 13.8°C]⟩, water temperature 10°R ⟨[54.5°F, 12.5°C]⟩. Wind rather unfavorable; the ship does not sail fast. Overcast sky in the afternoon. A ship in the north, probably a fishing boat from the Great Banks. During the night the wind shifts southerly, and there is very heavy rain. Then the wind shifts toward the east. For a moment ⟨[there is]⟩ calm, and then it shifts to the northeast, where at four o’clock it begins blowing briskly. At nine thirty in the evening, the view of the ocean all around the rapidly sailing ship was very beautiful. The water underneath it gushed out foaming white, and all this foam was mixed with fiery sparks. Even the water splashing up on the deck created nothing but bright, fiery sparks wherever it splashed up.

Saturday, June 23, 1832
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