June 14, 1832

14 June: Today we have been gone from Helvoet for exactly four weeks. Rain and storm continue. One ferocious storm squall follows hard upon the other. One has prepared for it by taking in all the sails. Robbins is extremely cautious, also constantly on deck, where he steadfastly observes the wind. Because of this, his eyes are red and inflamed from the spraying salt water. He is always at the helm and on deck, often twelve hours and longer at a time. The water beats into the cabin; much hail on deck. In order to give way somewhat to the storm, the course is changed to a northeasterly direction. Noon observation: latitude 41°46' north, longitude 42°55' west. The night was rather bright; a gale blew constantly; the wheel was strongly lashed in place.

Thursday, June 14, 1832
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