June 11, 1832

11 June: In the morning, beautiful, bright weather, wind more northerly. Our course is northwest. Jellyfish and Portuguese men-of-war have probably gone down to the depths. Sea constantly very rough. Several storm petrels of two varieties, including a P. pelagica, which comes very close. After breakfast, very little wind; all the studding sails are set. At noon, little wind. Latitude 41°55' north, longitude 39°21' west. Temperature of the air 13 1/3°R ⟨[62°F, 16.7°C]⟩, of the surface of the water 12 1/2°R ⟨[60.1°F, 15.6°C]⟩. In the afternoon the wind disappears almost completely. Procellaria hover about us. Work is done on the sails and rigging. Evening pleasant; magnificent light of the full moon, which is off in the southeast and makes a splendid strip of golden sparkles in the sea. During the night, very little wind.

Monday, June 11, 1832
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Charlotte Spires