June 10, 1832

10 June: Wild appearance of the sea, waves terribly lashed and torn by the wind; fierce wind, alternating rain and storm squalls. The sea the spencer, struggles against the contrary wind. We are confined to our beds the whole day. Mr. Bodmer is sick, Dreidoppel somewhat less so. With such turbulent motion, there can be no thought of working. During dry weather the deck had been scrubbed every morning; now the pumps are operated every morning, but there is very little water. At noon, no observation of altitude.M7Longitude 37°1' west. Later some sunlight. The weather looks as though it wants to clear somewhat. A few sails are again spread. Behind the ship four Procellaria pelagica fly incessantly; pretty birds. One of them alights on the ship. In the evening a somewhat better wind; we can steer in a more westerly direction; the sky clears up somewhat, but the sea is very wild; the ship rolls and tosses.

Sunday, June 10, 1832
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Charlotte Spires