July 18, 1832

On 18 July I left Philadelphia at noon and boarded the steamship Burlington, on which we sailed up the beautiful Delaware and had lunch. At about four or five o’clock, the ship docked at Bordentown, since the shallowness of the water along the riverbank prevented us from using the customary landing place today. A defile leads from the river to the top of the bank about fifty to sixty feet above the surface of the water, and here is a rather good inn, in which I took lodging. In front of the house, there is a paved area with benches beneath tall black locusts (Robinia) and poplars. Paper mulberry (Brousonettia), as well as elms and Celtis trees, provide shade. In this manner one has a shaded walk up to the incline of the top of the bank; here one can comfortably watch the arrival and departure of the steamships mornings and evenings and also enjoy the beautiful view across the low woods and the branch of the Delaware with its many aquatic plants.

Wednesday, July 18, 1832
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Roz Parr
Nina Crabtree