August 9, 1832

9 August: A day of prayer proclaimed because of the cholera. Dreidoppel had caught cold; during the morning his vomiting and diarrhea were very severe. I, too, experienced the latter along with abdominal pains. The sky was cloudy and overcast. At seven thirty in the morning, a temperature of 18°R [72.5°F, 22.5°C], the air very humid.M4Another thermometer [registered] 19°R [74.8°F or
23.8°C]. [marginal note]
Our plants and the stuffed animals dried poorly in this weather, which somewhat resembled the rainy season of Brazil. Today, from the windows of our house, Mr. Bodmer sketched the view toward along the valley in the direction of Easton. At ten thirty we went to church. It was rather full. Mr. von Schweinitz delivered a sermon on present prospects for the approach of cholera and drew a moral about how religion must and can touch our lives in such situations. Meanwhile, Mr. Bodmer continued sketching the view from our windows. In the afternoon a certain Gundt, who had received his training at the institution of the Moravian Brethren in Neuwied, called upon me. His father had lived in Neuwied for six years, and both were very attached to that region. Later Pastor Seidel visited us, and we passed the time in very pleasant conversation. At seven o’clock in the evening, the thermometer registered a temperature of ⟨[——]⟩°R. In the evening I received a beautiful land turtle, the shell of which can be closed with two hinged joints (Testudo clausa, Cistudo clausa, Say).

Sunday, September 9, 1832
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Ben Budesheim