August 4, 1832

4 August: Hunting excursion into the southeastern mountain face on the Lecha. We saw Tanagra rubra and Icterus baltimore but bagged only the Sitta with the black crown (Sitta carolinensis W.) and the indigo blue finch (Fringilla cyanea Wils.), which flew around in pairs above the quack grass and alighted on thistles or Verbascum plants to eat the seeds. The female is of a yellowish brown color. On another mountain we heard the two Swabian travelers merrily shooting. We saw a hare but did not shoot at it. [Page 1:56]In the meantime Mr. Bodmer was on the island in the river, where he wanted to do some sketching, and Dreidoppel prepared the birds we bagged yesterday. Mr. Bodmer had seen at least ten turtles near the island where he was drawing, and they caught four of them: the so-called duckeater (Emys odorata) and the painted turtle (E. picta), which has yellow stripes on its head but carmine red ones on a black background on its body and feet. There are very many varieties of turtles here. Rain threatened in the afternoon; in the evening at five o’clock, a violent thunderstorm with lightning broke, during which the thermometer registered a temperature of 22°R ⟨[81.5°F, 27.5°C]⟩ in the airy corridor of the inn.

Thursday, July 7, 2022
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Ben Budesheim