May 24, 1832

24 May: In the morning, very warm and beautiful, almost calm. The ship is moving forward slowly. Cape Land’s End in the misty distance, only indistinctly, is already somewhat behind us. Toward noon the sun’s heat becomes intense, 13 1/2° Réaumur ⟨[62.4°F, 16.9°C]⟩ in the shade. Noon observation: latitude 49°48', longitude 5°57 miles. At noon two fishermen from Land’s End came on board. Their little ship lay to in the offing. They had skates (Raja) and a large fish similar to the salmon, as well as some mussels. No one bought anything, and they asked in vain for grog, even though they had rowed a long way and were very warm. Heat intense, sea very smooth. In the afternoon a turtledove alighted on board, seemed to be very tired; in the evening we no longer saw it. Some wind about six o’clock; more during the evening and night. In the evening, light on the Scilly Islands; at eight o’clock 4 1/2 leagues.M2Distant from us north by east half east.

Thursday, May 24, 1832
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Roz Parr