May 23, 1832

23 May: In the morning, nice, bright weather. Warm sunshine, little wind. In the distance we see the Lizard lighthouses. The wind subsides more and more. Latitude 49°56', longitude 4°55 miles. At noon the wind again becomes unfavorable; we must tack again but make little progress. Cape Lizard 5 leagues distance in north-west half-west. Today Mr. Bodmer drew Cape Bold Head, which he had sketched yesterday. We see many bits of Fucus vesiculosus, otherwise nothing worthy of [Page 1:6] note, nor any birds. During the afternoon, against a rather contrary wind. We tack along the English coast, see the entrance of Falmouth Harbor, several ships nearby. In the evening, complete calm. Beautiful view of the sunset in the ocean, which is as smooth as a mirror. Several ships in our vicinity have spread every possible sail and, like us, are pitching and tossing without moving forward. In the distance before us and to the northwest, Cape Lizard, whose two lighthouses begin to shine brightly at dusk. Mr. Bodmer draws a picture of the sunset. At dusk ⟨[a]⟩ more favorable, though by no means strong, wind from the land.

Wednesday, May 23, 1832
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