September 25, 1832

25 September: During the night there had been a severe rainstorm; in the morning it cleared up a little. The stage arrived, and again there was no room in it for us; we had to endure it here for another day. The passengers had seen Mr. Bodmer back in Reading, where he, too, had been unable to find a seat. Today Dreidoppel went pheasant hunting with a local resident. They returned at noon with a pheasant and a black squirrel, which the master tailor, who had gone hunting, very much enjoyed eating, since he had bagged both of them. Dreidoppel shot a bird of prey (Falco nisus). In the afternoon, in the tall hemlock forest by the mill with its romantic location along Conemaugh Creek, I shot another specimen of the large beautiful Picus lineatus, here called woodcock. These birds have a very loud call.

Tuesday, September 25, 1832
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Roz Parr
Zachary Joyce