August 13th, 1833

13 August: In the morning, dreary sky, rain, sunshine at eight o’clock. At 7:30, 68°F [20°C]. The Indian with his big medicine pipe, [whose portrait] was begun yesterday, was brought in again today for sketching. He very carefully watched his pipe stem, and when he began to smoke, he pointed the mouth of his pipe stem at both ends of the medicine pipe and thus blew smoke upon it. Mr. Patton, who is leaving for the Yellowstone tomorrow, today gave me a small sketch of the sources of the various rivers along the sources of [sic] the Missouri in the Rocky Mountains. At noon, some wind, which subsided during the afternoon. At twelve o’clock, 75°F [23.9°C]. The afternoon was peaceful and calm; Indians constantly went back and forth. I recorded words of the KootenaisM12The Kootenais are at peace with the Piegans but not with the Blood Indians and the Pieds Noirs [Blackfoot]. and Gros Ventres des Prairies.M13The old Kootenai, Hómach-Ksáchkum, La grande terre, gave me his words [vocabulary sample] and [was] sketched Here in the camp of the Blackfoot, one found individual Indians of various nations. There were several Shoshone Indian women here from beyond the Rocky Mountains; [they] had been taken captive. Martin [was] buried late this morning. Most of the Indians were now leaving, but new arrivals are expected daily. Individual Gros Ventres arrived. Evening cool. Together [with the fort’s horses], several Indian horses were driven into the courtyard, where the young bears provided us with much diversion.

Tuesday, August 13, 1833
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