This plate and the following four plates are composites of artifact drawings probably done in Europe as studies for potential illustrations in the published atlas, particularly Tableaus 21 and 48, which depict groupings of artifacts. The numbers on these original studies do not correspond to the numbers appearing on some versions of Tableaus 21 and 48 or to any identifying list in the published or unpublished manuscripts. The artifacts are not shown to relative scale in either the watercolors or the aquatints. 1. Wooden club, Mandan. Reproduced as a woodcut. Now in the Linden-Museum collection. See Plate 312 for a similar club. 2. Club. See Plate 345. 3. Antler quirt. See Plate 348. Reproduced in Tableau 21. 4. Stone knife. Reproduced in Tableau 48. Maximilian collected stone tools at several sites in the eastern United States and along the Missouri. 5. Horn ladle. Reproduced as a woodcut in Travels in the Interior of North America and referred to in the text as typical of Blackfeet and Mandan spoons made of mountain sheep horn. Now in the Linden-Museum collection. 6. Hoop and pole game, Mandan. See Plate 339. Reproduced in Tableau 48. Now in the Linden-Museum collection. 7. Snowshoe, Mandan. Reproduced in Tableau 21. Now in the Museum für Völkerkunde collection.


watercolor and pencil on paper


16 x 10 1/2

Call No.


Approximate Date of Creation

Winter 1834